We Care about Animals in California, and This New Law Proves It

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We Care about Animals in California, and This New Law Proves It

We Care about Animals in California, and This New Law Proves It

We love cute, furry creatures. No one can resist the soft innocent, helpless puppies, bunnies, or kittens. Animals appeal to us because of how we can connect with them. It’s that connection that we feel with animals that drives us to try to protect them. Plus, as Americans it’s instilled in us to also fight for the underdogs.

Unfortunately, we have a problem with some animals, specifically with cats and dogs. There’s a problem with too many animals stuck in the shelter. Overcrowding happens within the shelters, which leaves them with no choice but to humanely euthanize the animals. This problem has many animal lovers up in arms and working to help fix the problem. Websites like No Kill Now call for action by asking people to shop for their family pets at the kill shelters in the hopes of saving as many pets as possible.

Animals at the shelter are usually picked up by animal control, or have been surrendered by their previous owners. The animals in the local shelters don’t always get photographed and posted on the shelter’s website either. Therefore, it is encouraged to go to the shelter in person. Not all shelter animals get their picture taken, and this limits their chances of being seen.

Here is California, we care a lot about the world around us, including the cute animals that inhabit it. It’s really no surprise that this past year, a new law was signed to soon go into effect in order to help protect animals. The law is meant to help with the overcrowding of at animal shelters and will go into effect January 2019.

The law will prohibit pet stores from selling animals that are not from the shelter. This law will promote adopting shelter pets and means that only shelter animals will be up for adoption in California. Breeders in California will not be able to sell to pet stores. Pet store owners that fail to comply will face criminal charges.

We care about animals, and more specifically we care about our pets. We care about our current pets and our future pets. Hopefully this law will help with the overcrowding, but more importantly, this law will help pets find their forever homes.