How to Deal with an Arrest

How to Deal with an Arrest

How to Deal with an Arrest

How to Deal with an Arrest

A lot of people pride themselves on knowing exactly what they need and when they need to do it. By knowing what steps need to be taken next, people are better able to prepare for each one. This also enables a person relax since they know what to expect. While this is nice, there are times where people have no idea what to do, and that can cause them to worry.

This is definitely the case when a person has been arrested. Whether they were the one who was arrested, or they just know someone who was arrested, most people have no idea how to deal with that kind of situation. They need help to deal with it. Luckily, there are professionals from Van Pool Bail Bonds in Richmond located all over the state of California.

Here at Van Pool Bail Bonds in Richmond, we have been helping Californians deal with an arrest of a loved one for over 30 years. Unlike most people, we deal with arrests and bail on a daily basis. This means that we are more than comfortable with how everything works. We like to share this knowledge with others to make an arrest as unintimidating as possible.

What to Do Once Arrested

When a person suddenly finds themselves in handcuffs, the person needs to remain calm. Getting upset and confrontational will only make things worse. Even though most people aren’t happy with the officer that is arresting them, it is important to remember that the officer is just doing his or her job. The easier their job is, the better the mood they will be in, which can get the arrested individual their one phone call sooner.

Staying calm not only puts the officers in a better mood, but helps a person stay calm and make better decisions, which is very important. When a person makes their phone call, they need to call the right friend or family member. It needs to be someone that they can trust to relay information. Whoever they call will be the middle man between the person in jail and concerned loved ones. It is a very important role.

A person should not call someone who they cannot count on to deliver important information to other loved ones. If possible, try to contact someone who has dealt with jail and arrests before. They will be a little more equipped to help deal with the situation, which will work well for the person in jail.

What to Do If Someone Called You from Jail

If a person was just contacted by a friend or family member in jail, then they need to help out their loved one. They are now responsible for sharing information with other loved ones. They need to contact other loved ones as well as the person’s employer(s) to let them know what has happened.

After being contacted by an incarcerated loved one, the person will want to help out however they can. The contacted loved one may also need to watch over the person’s home and/or pets. Basically, the loved one needs to help keep things running smoothly. This can be anything from watching the person’s house while they are in jail, to posting their bail. The best way to bail someone out of jail in California is to contact Van Pool Bail Bonds in Richmond. Our bail agents guide their clients through each and every step of the bail bond process.

The Bail Process

The bail process starts the moment a client contacts an Van Pool Bail Bonds in Richmond bail agent. In order to get going, a bail agent needs, at the very least, the name, birthday, and county of arrest of the person in jail. Once that information is given, the agent can locate the loved one in the county jail system and get the rest of the needed information for the paperwork.

Once that is all filled out and ready to go, the agent will start work with the client to create a personalized payment plan. The plan will be designed to work with the client’s unique budget and make the bail bond more affordable by splitting up the cost of several months.

After the initial payment has been received, our agents will deliver the bail bond to the jail and secure the client’s release from jail.

Getting out on Bail Is Better than Staying in Jail

At Van Pool Bail Bonds in Richmond, the job isn’t done once the person is out of jail. After that, our bail agents keep the clients up to date on all upcoming court dates. This helps prevent the client from accidentally winding up in more trouble by missing a court appearance. That is something that no one wants to deal with.

After a person is bailed out of jail, they can begin to return to their normal life. While things won’t be exactly how they were, thanks to court appearances, life will be a lot nicer outside of jail. The person can return to work, thereby keeping their job and continuing to make money. They will also be able to sleep in their own bed and take care of their home on their own. Lastly, they will be able to say thank you to whoever helped them get out of jail.