How to Appear and Conduct in Court

• Arrive to your court hearing a few minutes early.
• Dress appropriately, like you are going for an interview. Avoid flashy jewelry and distracting, revealing, and unkempt clothing items.
• Remove hats and sunglasses.
• Do not chew gum.
• Sit and stand straight.
• Speak only when you are asked.
• Answer only what you are asked.
• Speak clearly.
• Say “yes” and “no” rather than nodding and shaking your head.
• Remain calm and collected. Do not grow angry and argumentative.
• Turn your cell phone off.
• If you have young children who would not be in school at the moment, arrange to have someone babysit them at home.
• Trust your lawyer and let them do the talking, unless you are asked to speak.
• Use the bathroom before court begins.
• Be respectful. Address the judge by “Your Honor.”

These are all tips on how one should present themselves and act in court. As a defendant accused of a crime, these will help show the court that you are taking this matter seriously. Body language and appearance can influence the court.

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