How Hard Can it Be to Stay in Touch with Family?

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How Hard Can it Be to Stay in Touch with Family?

How Hard Can it Be to Stay in Touch with Family

As we grow up, everyone eventually moves away from home. Some of us grow up and move out to a college dorm, others move in with friends. We all eventually move away from family or the life we grew up with. It becomes increasingly sad when you’re actually not that far away from them, but still lose contact with them. You may not know how to communicate with people from afar, and they might not know either.

Communicating is a skill that not everyone is naturally good at. We may feel awkward reaching out to people. We may want to say “Hey, I miss you,” but feel like that is too clingy and may scare off our loved ones. There are also situations where you might feel upset with a loved one for their choice in leaving you. They may have had to move away and you might not agree with it.

Whatever the situation may be, communicating with your loved one is the key to having a healthy relationship. Even if your loved one is in jail, you still need to maintain that relationship. Life happens to all of us, and sometimes we may not be able to reach out to our loved ones. The way to keep communication open and effective is by being honest. Let your loved one know what ways of communication work best for you. If you don’t have the time to talk on the phone for hours, texting is another option. If that doesn’t work, you can always send letters.

You’ll never have enough time in life for everyone, which is why you need to make time. It sounds impossible, but it’s really not. Schedule time to talk on the phone, to text, or to write a letter. Maybe that long drive stuck in traffic is the perfect opportunity to call up your cousins to see how they’re doing.

Know your schedule, as well as your loved one’s. There may be times where your schedules don’t match up. You may need to be more flexible if you want to talk to your loved one. Maybe they can only call you at night. If that’s the case, plan you day around that time frame. It may seem crazy to plan your schedule around a possible phone call, however this flexibility in your schedule will pay off. Just remember that life changes, so schedules are never permanent.

Staying in contact with loved ones can be tricky at first, especially if they are in jail, but it will get easier. Staying in contact is not rocket science, but it is foreign to some. If communication is awkward at first, stick with it. Don’t give up on staying in contact with loved ones. Eventually your relationship will change and communicating with them long distance will feel like breathing. You can’t use the excuse of distance when it comes to staying in contact with family.