What to Expect When You’re Arrested

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If you are a fan of movies, then you may have seen the 2012 blockbuster hit, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Brooklyn Decker, the film offered viewers a comedic take on various experiences couples face throughout pregnancy. In our culture comedy is one way that people attempt to cope with new realities or sudden life changes.


One, not so comedic, life change that you and your family may experience someday might sound a little like this hit movie title but with one keyword change – What to Expect When You’re Arrested. The idea or actual process of being arrested is no laughing matter and can be a scary and confusing time. Read below to find out what to expect when you’re arrested.


The Arrest

There are several reasons that you could be arrested, but no matter what that reason is you should remain calm and comply with the arresting officer’s requests. The initial arrest is not the time or place for arguing or causing a disturbance, if you’re innocent you will have time during your trial to make your case.  During the arrest, you will be read your Miranda Rights and you may be asked a few questions. Remember, you do not have to answer them. Once, the arrest is made you will be transported to the police station for booking.


The Booking Process

Once you are brought to the jail you will begin going through the booking process. This is when your picture and fingerprints are taken and a few personal questions are asked by the booking officer. During the booking process, you will be required to relinquish your personal items, such as your cell phone or wallet.


The Phone Call

After they are finished with the booking process you will be allowed to make a phone call before being placed in a holding cell. In order to leave the jail, you may be required to post bail – this ensures that you will be present for your court date. If you cannot afford to post the required amount of bail, you can contact a bail bondsman such from Van Pool Bail Bonds to post the bail amount on your behalf. There will be an additional nonrefundable fee. Once you speak with the bail bondsman and are approved for the bail amount, the agent will come to the jail and post your bail, obtaining your freedom.


Even though the official “arresting” process may be over once you post your bail, you will need to follow the conditions that your bail bondsman set in place. You will also need to make sure you appear at your assigned court date, or else you will forfeit the entire bail amount. Van Pool Bail Bonds is here to make sure the bail bonds process is easy and seamless for you and your family during this difficult time.


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